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Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching defines the comparison between two different person’s planetary positions. Get accurate predictions by astrology. Since the ancient time peoples are using horoscope matching to choose the correct partner for marriage. Marriage is a combination of two different persons from two different society, religion, cast. Where they make a commitment to spend their whole life together. But this marriage can be ruined if they got married with wrong person. Hence astrology make enables us to find out perfect match by matching the horoscope. By analyzing the planets positions and movements we can know about perfection of person’s match. Thus Online Horoscope Matching provides a accurate prediction about the marriage.

What is Online Horoscope Predictions ?

Online Horoscope Prediction, is the analysis of the planets movements in universe and their effects on human’s life. By calculating their movements in houses of horoscope astrologer gives a prediction about human’s life. Horoscope is an age old tradition which analyze the movements of planets on the time of child birth. A Best Astrologer needs the following equipment  to cast the birth chart of a child born at a particular time, date and place :

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth ( Longitude and the Latitude )
  • Ephemeris

On the basis of these details a horoscope is made and ‘Rashi’ and ‘Nakshtras’ are decided. These two aspects such as Raashi and Nakshtras are very important for making and reading a Online Horoscope. There are 12 raashis (zodiac sign) and 27 nakshtras in a horoscope that helps in making any Online Horoscope Prediction about a person. Thus all aspects of astrology gives complete information about birth chart, raashi chart, constillations, mahadasha and intervening dasha. Hence by calculating all aspects of horoscope an astrologer make accurate Online Horoscope Prediction.

Horoscope Matching By Name 

Horoscope Matching By Name is the another method of matchmaking when you don’t know date of birth & place exactly. Kundli Matching is the comparing combinations of astrological combinations with different zodiac sign and lunar constellation. Horoscope Matching By Name basically the process of ‘Guna Milan’ with boy’s and girl’s horoscope. There must be minimum 18 Guna Milan in out of all 36. Points below 18 is avoided as it is consider as bad compatibility for bride & groom. These Guna is defined as follows :

Online Horoscope Prediction

  • Varna
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Graha Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi

Why Online Horoscope Matching is Required ?

Horoscope Matching is an ancient method by which becoming life partner want to know the compatibility between them. Marriage is a great feeling and best moment of the life but it become hell when they are not compatible to each other. Online Horoscope Prediction also tells you about the kind of marriage will happen like : love marriage or arrange marriage. You can know about how’s your marriage life will be by analyzing the horoscope. You may know about your relationship, love, sex life, child etc after marriage. In your horoscope 12 planets are owner of 12 houses in kundli. They are responsible for their particular impacts upon the human being individually.

Online Horoscope also tells about the beneficial & malefic planets by analysing the horoscope. According to the position in the houses of Kundli, we can determine the effects of the particular planet in human life. Online Kundli Matching provides the information about the ‘Manglik Dosh’ and ‘Kal Sarpa Dosh’. If there is Manglik Dosh is in horoscope then that match for marriage is not compatible. Hence Online Horoscope Matching is highly  in demand in today’s scenario. It is responsible for matching the compatibility between two person who are getting married. So let’s talk with famous astrologer to know about your horoscope predictions.

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