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Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope MatchingOnline Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching is the comparison between forecast of two individual persons future. According to the natal chart or birth chart of any person, horoscope predict about the compatibility between two individuals. This forecast is based upon the relation between human being and planets, stars in the universe. So, by analysing the horoscope of two persons, astrologer check their compatibility for becoming life partner. Pandit ji is the best astrologer in the field of astrology, which defines the perfection of person’s match for marriage. Online Horoscope Matching requires date of birth, birth time, place of birth etc of individual person. 

According to all details, astrologer analyse the stars movements & positions to forecast the person’s future. On the basis of both details, online horoscope defines their “Rashi” & “Nakshtra” according to the particular time of birth. Ephemeris is the important equipment or chart for showing the positions of celestial bodies in universe. By the help of ephemeris, astrologers gets the information about the motion, positions & important astronomical data. These all details helps in. Making the birth chart of any individual. 

How Does Online Horoscope Matching Helps in Human’s Life?

Online Horoscope Matching is not only for compatibility matching, it helps in various phases of life. By the help of horoscope reading we can improve our weak stars & malefic planets by remedies. Horoscope tells us about the education & career by analysing the planets positions in horoscope houses. We can pretend that in which stream or profession, suites you for career growth. For example : Mercury is the owner and responsible for eduction & mind. So by analysing the position of mercury, astrologer can predict about the education life of any individual. In Online Horoscope Matching all 12 houses and planets existence into them, are important for particular phase of life. 

So, by studying about the every houses of horoscope with existing stars, we can make prediction about life. For example here are some following houses of horoscope are shown : 

House of Horoscope And Their Roles –

  1. 1st House : It is also called as “Lagna or ‘Ascendant’” of the horoscope. This house tells us about the self appearance, nature, health, childhood and physical personality. It also represents also your strengths & weakness. 
  2. 2nd House : This house tells about the wealth & personal resources along with possessions, values and self worth. In Online Kundli Matching, it also shows the relationship with the in-laws also. 
  3. 3rd House : House no 3 associate with the siblings, family and communication including expressing in writing, verbally or any other kind of expression. Online Horoscope Matching, tell about the relationship with siblings & family. 
  4. 4th House : This house rules as well as roots, vehicles, personal relation with the mother and real estate matters. It represents your sense of security, emotional well-being, and the environment in which you feel most grounded.
  5. 5th House : In Online Horoscope Prediction, 5th house is associated with the education, intelligence & children. It is also the house of romance, hobbies, personal joy & children.
  6. 6th house : It represents the health, wellness, illness, enemies and daily life routines. This house also relates the obstacles, enemies, debts & difficulties in life. 
Which House is Responsible For Husband Wife?
  1. 7th house : Analysis of this house tells about the relationship between husband and wife,  and successful life. It represents the success of business and business partnership.
  2. 8th house : Online Horoscope Matching, rules over the age, Death & sudden events like lottery  and mysteries.
  3. 9th house : This house is also known as Dharm Bhava in astrology. House deals with your dharma, karma, ethics & religious instincts. 
  4. 10th house : In natal chart 10th house is known as Karma Bhava. It deals with the profession, prestige, reputation and kind of work you do. 
  5. 11th house : In Online Horoscope Matching, it is house of prosperity and known as Labha Bhava. It deals with the wealth & income, gain in name & fame, profit & money. 
  6. 12th house : It represents the whole life cycle and spiritual journey. Weak house may be the reason of separation with partner or friends. 
Online Horoscope Prediction For Marriage 

Online Horoscope Prediction defines the chances of marriage and relationship with in-laws. Sometimes when two person get married without matching their horoscope, face many kind of problems due malefic planets. In such kind of situation their marriage ends with divorce or separation. So, in Online Horoscope Matching positions of planets defines the success rate of marriage. For example : Mars positions in horoscope responsible for “Manglik Dosha”, so it can’t be compatible with both partner. 

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